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Shoot and Share – Instantly

The massive increase in social media has meant that sharing photos and videos has become really easy! Really easy. Creating your own photo library and video reels online and creating a real channel for your creative energy can be facilitated with a few clicks. An extreme sports passion will really help you to become a master in sports photography and help you to have a feel for capturing those great pictures and videos.

Are you upside down or am I?

Are you upside down or am I?

Getting those fantastic actions shots of stunt scooters and gnarly tricks in competitions is easily accomplished. You don’t need an expensive camera to get started. Smart phone cameras are increasingly powerful and the mega pixel numbers just keep getting higher and higher. These phones are equipped with more and more apps and capabilities to instantly share you photos on social sites such as Instagram and upload in real time to FaceBook and Twitter as well. This is when photos and videos can quickly go viral.

It’s great that you can even capture helmet camera action these days too and get a real feel for the adrenaline fuelled journeys that riders experience and gets you even closer the the heart of the action.

Events like the X Games have been an inspiration for a new generation of photographers and action video shooters. The big sites like YouTube and Vimeo have thousands of videos from the games over the years. Big brands such as Razor Scooters have big fan bases and videos of their products can be invaluble as promotional material reaching millions of potential customers really quickly and cheaply.

Practice with a low end camera will help to improve your skills when shooting extreme sports events or perhaps even a fast moving BMX or scooter competition race.  Away from the the fast paced environment of professional sports you’re just as likely to see an online video of kids scooters as Razor have a massive range that cater for the very young as well as the young at heart.

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