Quality Wooden Frames Enhance Your Photography

Oak Picture Frames – A Touch of Class

The quality of your photography, whether taken with a small portable, a high end digital model or a professional camera can always be enhanced further with a great photo frame. The online shopping world offers a propinquity of choice and you’ll be able to find a frame to suit your budget but an oak picture frame will really set your pictures in the setting they deserve.

A high quality sustainable oak wooden frame

Put Yourself in the Frame

The great thing about real wooden frames is their authenticity but at the same time they also offer a unique quality that comes from them often being handmade by craftsmen. The sustainable materials used and approved are a long way from the cheap plastic models you can expect to find in the average retail store or big brand online outlet.

The real quality comes from searching for an individual who put’s their heart and soul into their craft and produces pieces that ooze qulaity craftsmanship and invite comment and admiration. Most of these companies will allow you to specify custom size frames so that your can fit your frame to your photo or picture rather than the other way around. You won’t need to take the scissors to your print or sellotape round the edges to make it stay in position.

It is true that hardwood frames are more expensive. But if you are comparing like for like and you want real value for money and a long lasting piece that has both personality and character then spending a bit more is well worth it. Always be sure to check that your frame comes from a supplier that is FSC or PEFC approved as this means they are supportive of the long term sustainability of their raw materials, typically oak and walnut.

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